QR Code Generator


QR codes are small images which encode some information (usually a URL to a website) in them. Most smartphones will show you that information if you use the camera app and look at the QR code through it. If it is a URL then you can tap to go to the website.


There are two controls. A textarea where you type some text (any text, but a URL is most common), and a number box where you can adjust the size of the rendered image. When you are happy with the result you can use your browser to save the result (typically by right-clicking on the image and selecting Save).

You Are Too Stupid To Use QR Codes Correctly provides a set of commandments for doing QR codes well. It is worth a read and it covers such things as URL design and ensuring the QR code size you select is large enough.

Privacy and Security

This is designed to be an ultra simple, completely free, QR Code generator which doesn't try to do anything sneaky, underhand, or profit making. It is a light UI wrapper around this open source QR Code library.

It runs entirely in your browser. It does not send any information about what you type to me.

It encodes exactly what you put in the text field. It doesn't replace the URL with a redirect through a site I control.

It will just work and it won't expire. I won't (and can't) try to charge you money to keep your QR code running (because it points to exactly where you tell it to and not to my site).

When people look at the URL, it shows them your URL which adds a lot more trust than a redirect through https://track.me.example.io/sdDwE.

It doesn't provide a service to tell you how many people have used it but also isn't capturing data about you and your visitors for my purposes so and it isn't a GDRP violation waiting to be spotted. If you want tracking then you can implement it on your own server. Make sure any tracking you do is compliant with the various applicable laws.


A friend handed out some leaflets which had a redirect link in them. A week later the link stopped working because they hadn't noticed it was a paid service with a short trial.

Further Reading

What the UK Government gets wrong about QR codes is a useful analysis of some real life QR codes.


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